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Using ancient, traditional and modern modalities 

I offer a safe, spacious, supportive and loving container 

to allow your TRANSFORMATION to take place~

Gather your friends, family or colleagues for an intimate customized 
group retreat that will support the powerful expansion of positive energy,
support and love while healing together.

At this time on our planet, it is imperative that we come TOGETHER. 
It is too hard to grow into our light alone.

Without our coming together as a conscious community we cannot rise to our full greatness.

Your transformation and evolution as a human being depends greatly on whom you spend your time with.


“…Spending money on experiences rather than things,

creates lasting contentment.”

From an article in Time magazine, The Science of Happiness


This Intimate

is for you if you are:

  • Wanting to connect deeply with others,

  • Facing a challenging time of transition yourself or with others,

  • Interested in cultivating authenticity, self-care and self love,

  • Craving time for reflection, rest and new perspectives,

  • Stopped by blockages that prevent you from your full potential,

  • Yearning to be of service to your tribe and to the world

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