Maybe you have experienced some of these various flavors of gratitude:

Thanks of Astonishment: When a friend, family member or colleague goes out of their way for you. You did that for me? Wow! 

No Words Thank You: Appreciation that vibrates out of you so powerfully, it leaves you without words and often tears gliding down your cheeks.

“Whew! This Could Have Been Much Worse” Gratefulness...

Softly waking, I rise to the occasion of another season. I notice a train of thoughts impatiently waiting in line for a mere morsel of my attention like the last available sale item on Christmas Eve. Noticing my breath saves me from the chaos close at hand. The dross of the mind slips off into the last moments of dawn and I merge into my morning meditation. Down to the kitchen, my seven- ingredien...

I’ve heard this so many times in my life; just a slight shift in perception can change everything. The meaning of this statement made it more clear than ever last weekend.

My partner Mark and I were driving back from a weekend of work. He wanted to stop at someone’s house for the possibility of purchasing some tools that were listed on Craigslist; a deal that no wood worker could resist. It was ove...

According to the Toltecs, the human race is currently in transition from a time period known as the 5th sun into the dawning of the 6th sun. The vibration of the 6th sun will be predominate by 2021. The 5th sun is based on the manipulation of everything outside of ourselves; the environment, other people, and situations. It is also based on looking outside of ourselves for the answers or through a...

We are sky-rocketing into a time of momentous change where our ideas about what it is to be feminine and masculine will need to evolve. As a society, we are moving into an era of gender fluidity. According to the website, Genderspectrum, “Gender fluid people move between genders, experiencing their gender as something dynamic and changing, rather than static.” There are also many people that do no...

In this faster than our blink-of-an-eye culture, it tenderizes my heart to come across the phrase, “live the dash.” According to the Urban Dictionary, to ‘live the dash’ means; “A shorter way to say live every day to its fullest; on your gravestone, it will show the year you were born and the year you die, in between is the dash. That is the time to live each day to its fullest.” I am struck by th...

Photo: Alexandra Gorn from Unsplash

This morning silence turned into great fullness;
Fullness into unspeakable appreciation.
Appreciation morphed into love for what was right in front of me;
both pain and the mundane held with a gentle embrace.
Noticing the swirling landscape of steam from my cup, 
then from the cup to the black substance within. 
Something marveling at the ability to embrace every...

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

My partner and I recently experienced our housing situation unexpectedly disintegrating. By grace, this uncomfortable circumstance turned into a gift.

A dear friend offered my partner and I a temporary house sharing arrangement in her home in August. We moved into her home and generally enjoyed our time together. The second week of November she had a chan...

I am pleased to share my first published article in Elephant Journal. 

Click and have a read - I appreciate your support!

I’m running up and down the stairs with miscellaneous items in my hands; mail,toiletries, books, and one orphaned sock. Aiming to get organized, an internal rhythm appears: Climbing, descending, seeking order- repeat! Climbing, descending, seeking order- repeat! There was something inside, laughing at myself, about this militaristic approach during this post-residential upheaval. On the outside, h...

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