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February 16, 2017

15 ways to make your WHOLE BEING more FLEXIBLE...


5 ways that might help you become more flexible in BODY:

-Get your butt on a yoga mat (or anywhere) and allow the body to move as it wants to
-Lean back, take your arms overhead and making a LOUD groaning noise at your desk
-Take your knees to your chest while lying in bed and twist right and left
-Stretch out your EYES that have been glued to a glowing rectangle all day! AKA computer/phone/TV
-Receive a Thai yoga massage AKA “lazy yoga"


5 ways that might help you become more flexible in MIND:

-Grin and chuckle at your “monkey mind”
-Remember, we have all grown up in different environments with different parents and social conditions
-Give space to challenging life situations and uncomfortable emotions
-Soften your point of view (after all, there are 7 million of us and close to 7 million viewpoints!)
-Notice, or switch up rigid behaviors- drive a new way to work or change your routine


5 ways that might help you become more flexible in HEART and SPIRIT:

-Give yourself a few minutes to FEEL an emotion instead of immediately pushing it away
-Tune into the FLOW of how life is moving you- Let go of any strong agendas
-Tell your heart, “I love you, I’m listening”
-Sit still at least once a day
-Take a deep breath and be OPEN to the ways things are…and TRUST it




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